“I only hope we don’t lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse.”          Walt Disney

Hello Everybody,

My name is Bob Norris and I would like to welcome you to The Walt Factor. I am a huge Disney enthusiast and frequent visitor to Walt Disney World. Over my years of Disney study and travel to the parks, I have spent more and more of my time studying the man behind it all. In doing so my life has been changed for the better with the wisdom I have learned from Walt Disney.

My goal with this podcast and blog is to share my love of Disney with a fun and educational look into the stories, wisdom and life of Walt Disney. What better way to share our love of Disney than through my favorite place on earth, Walt Disney World. Now I Know Disneyland was Walt’s park and we will talk about Disneyland some here too, but I have spent more time in Walt Disney World and it’s where I learned about Walt.

This won’t be the usual travel guide to Walt Disney World and that’s ok, It’s not what I’m are going for. This is about sharing our journeys through the Walt Disney World Resort and other Disney destinations with like minded Disney enthusiasts. It’s about sharing the moments, adventures, lessons and knowledge that we’ve learned from Walt along the way. It’s about how that knowledge changed and enriched our lives and the lives of those close to us. Finally it’s about having fun in the most magical place on earth and bringing some of that magic into our everyday lives.


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